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Your Doggie Valentine

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

When you truly love your dog and want to pamper them it is so easy to be mislead and indulge in buying "stuff" in the pet isle.

Marketing tactics draw you in and get you to buy the cheapest quailty items at the highest prices.

Dog items are not required to be food grade and packaging is designed to make you believe you are buying high quality or high value foods & snacks while that may not be the case.

I must say that with more and more recalls and illnesses, people are smartening up but rather than learning the hard way I want to talk about this very important topic. There are manufacturers that we have a trusted association with that are down right making dogs sick.

I have personally learned the hard way and the endless horror stories from clients mistakes have been heartbreaking.

Be aware, that items sold and marketed to dogs can make your pup really ill. Subtle signs and reactions can go undetected but then they can manifest into infections, eye, ear & skin issues, diarrhea or flatulance. More severe are choking, vomitting and obstructions that are real issues which can have catostrophic outcomes.

In my experience with training consultations to address behavior can actually be food related. If you have question or comments about an issue you are experiencing or have experience with your dogs food, toys or treats we are here to listen & help.

Check us out at bnadog.com or email us at info@bnadog.com or txt 8603041447.

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