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Designed based on your needs  

INITIAL CONSULTATION   in your home                           $195

LIFETIME – Puppy to Hospice Care                                 $8500 

INTENSIVE – 2 wks x (3x per wk)                                   $1800


GOOD PUP PROGRAM                                                    $1225

PROGRESSION                                  PHASE I, II & III       $495/400/240


In Your Home  follow up (45min)   1,3 & 6                       $145/363/593 


ZOOM Annual Subscription                                             $550     

ZOOM Initial Consultation                                              $195

ZOOM follow up (45 min)                 1,3, & 6                    $95/263/480                   


THE GOOD PUP PROGRAM     (3 months for puppies 6 wks. – 8 mo.)      $1225

Training packages are a complete all-in-one training option to gain the needed resources, patience & skills for the issues related to owning an exuberant puppy. 


We begin conditioning good habits before the bad habits set in or help mitigate the issues presenting themselves.


No matter what normal developmental nuisance behavior you are experiencing we guide you through the solutions with personally tailored programs based on your unique family demands using the AKC Star Puppy curriculum.


In the beginning we - Conduct an initial home assessment to set up the environment, create a schedule for puppy care to teach potty, eating, play, sleep and husbandry principals. Recommend only the top-rated resources for veterinarians, groomers, feed & supplies. Create routines based on your puppy’s developmental stage.

Temperament test your puppy to determine his/her personality, drives & motivators which enables us to predict how your dog learns and the easiest way to conditioning the Best-Behaved Dog.


  • 2 hour in home consultation or 90 min zoom consultation.

  • 4 private in your home training sessions (at your convenience over 12 weeks)

  • Annual Zoom Subscription to trouble shooting with training tips and exercises specifically for your dog's breed, age and current developmental stage.

  • Unlimited text & email support for the development of new behavior issues, questions and any issues that may arise.

  • AKC Manners Title, STAR Puppy plan & the AKC CGC plan Earn your Certificate to set your puppy up for maximum success and higher levels of training.

  • Signature Program Workbook and Handouts.  Read the details and clear step by step developmentally appropriate techniques. We meet your needs with the articles, periodicals and resources that are specific to addressing your issues.

  • Items covered:  Sit, Down, Stay, Settle, Follow, Find it, The Name Game, Crate, Eye Contact, Attention & Impulse Control, Retrieve- Get it - Recall, Leave it, Tug, Release, Place, Touch - Target, Markers, Calm Greetings, Exploration, Agility, Scent, Stealing & Object Exchange & Loose Leash Walking



PHASE 1 - Puppies  Once weekly - in your home 4 consecutive weeks

  • Name recognition

  • House Training

  • Crate Training

  • Leash Walking

  • Sit, Come When Called, Down, Stay

  • Curb the jumping

  • Calm Greetings

  • Teething & learning with their mouths

  • Desensitizing to being handled, noises, objects, other people

  • Alone training/teach puppy it’s ok to spend time alone

  • Deciding your family ‘RULES’

Includes follow up emails with additional resources

PHASE 1: $495.00


PHASE II - Once weekly - in your home 4 consecutive weeks (adding a nearby location)

  • Building on the skills learned in PHASE I, we gradually increase the level of difficulty to proof behavior and teach impulse control.

  • Sit, stay, come, touch, down, Leave It, Drop It, Get It, Polite greetings, Go to Place (great for door manners!)

  • Improving leash walking skills, Recall (come when called), easy distractions


Includes follow up emails with additional resources

PHASE I is a prerequisite

PHASE 2: $400.00

PHASE III -Advanced Training & Skill Maintenance

Once weekly in your home or nearby location 2 weeks

  • Heel work training with distractions

  • On location training; parks, vet visits, groomer, etc.

  • Come when called, Do this-not that, tricks, scent work


Includes follow up emails with additional resources

PHASE I & II are a prerequisite

PHASE 3: $240.00



Full guidance from the minute you need us, for your puppy’s whole first year. We are here every single step of the way. 10 video chat sessions and monthly email contact for questions and support for 1 year from date of purchase.

Initial Consultation is a prerequisite

FREE with Good Pup Program  

ANNUAL ZOOM: $550.00


Tuition is Non-refundable.  If not used in allotted time monies are forfeited.  We accept cancellations up to 24 hours before a booked session, less than 24 hours must still be charged.



  • Build the skills for relationship-based training that is fun and rewarding for both you and your pup.

  • The more good stuff a dog learns, the less room there is for “bad stuff”.

  • Training redirects your dog’s natural behaviors to acceptable outlets.

  • Learning about your dog's instincts, drives and personality will help you understand and nurture your pup’s development. 

  • We begin by teaching our dog appropriate behavior without anger or force, so we know that they know what we want to see in place of the behaviors that come to them instinctively. 

  • We focus on nurturing, conditioning and building the Best-Behaved Dog that is pleasurable in the home, on a leash and when you travel.





Basic Health                   

Basic Needs               


             How to train your Pup     

             DO’s & Don’ts

             Positive Reinforcement & Praise

                          Verbal Praise

                          Physical Praise


             Games & Toys            


             Cues –how dog’s learn  

             Stages of Development 

Identifying Your Dog's Triggers Signs of Fear & Anxiety

Teaching Cooperative Care for Grooming and Vet Visits

Keeping Kids Safe with Dog Bite Prevention

Working with Puppy Accidents       

             Training Expectations

             3 Step Process           

                          Managing the Environment

                          Reward Correct Behavior

                          Interrupt and Redirect

             Potty Training Schedule Example

             Creating your own Puppy Schedule

             Puppy Potty Training Record


Household Training Problems


             Encouraging Acceptable Behavior

             Chew Toy Training   

             Confinement Training

Prevention for a Happy Healthy Pet


             Play and Environmental Enrichment



             Veterinary Check ups

             Dental Care

             Parasite Control

             Spay or Neuter



Things To Consider

             Genetic predisposition

             Lack of Training

             Emotional Problems

             Is your dog in Pain or Uncomfortable

             Realistic Expectations

             Treat Value


             Unclear Cues


             Environmental Stimulation

Destructive Behaviors

Checklist for Socialization   

Earn the AKC Manners Title

Earn the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Title

The AKC STAR Puppy Program

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