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(AACE) Animal Actor Certified Evaluator

International Animal Actor Certified Evaluator will teach your dog to be set ready through a five level certification program.  

This sought after program will ensure that your dog is prepared for a photoshoot and able to deal with noise and bright lights while still following cues. 

Using safe humane methods Belinda is the only one in the area who is certified to train and test for the AACE Program.

For more information on training and getting your animal certified 

What is an Animal Actor?
An animal actor can be a model in a print shoot, an actor in a movie or commercial, or a performer in a live show.

Why does an Animal Actor need certification?
Movie productions and other film and photography sets will not risk wasting time by hiring an animal that is ill-prepared for the job. 
Working with and being vetted by a certified evaluator enables the production company to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of a quality performance. 
Regulatory agencies (such as American Humane Association, USDA, Movie Animals Protected, and The Animal Protection Agency) require that animals on set be socialized and “trained and prepared in advance to perform the required action.”

How does an Animal Actor become certified?
AAAI is the global certifying body for Animal Actors. An animal’s level card credentials them to work on various types of sets by vouching for their stability and relevant training. You can earn your certification card on each level for each of the area.  


Does the animal get a certification card?
With their Level 1 certification the animal will receive a display certificate and metal “black card.” For each additional level your dog will receive the corresponding metal card. 

What is expected of an Animal Actor on set?
Every job is different but typically an animal will be required on location for a full day, even if his role takes only a short time. The dog is usually transported and handled by a professional set trainer hired by the animal acting agency. If the animal’s owner is a capable set trainer, they may possibly be hired for this job.

How does an Animal Actor get a job?
Animal acting agencies train and supply animals for acting jobs. Agencies typically kennel a few dozen of their own animals, and rely upon private party animals for additional species, breeds, and skills which their kennel cannot supply. A production company’s casting director will contact the animal acting agency with specific requests; either by look or by talent. Next will sometimes be a “go see” where animal actors display for the casting director. The animal may be paid about USD$50 for an audition.  When an animal is hired, it is paid a daily wage (approximately USD$50 to USD$350). They are considered freelancers and are paid only a one-time fee. If there are specific behaviors that the animal needs to learn, it may be paid half-wage for each training day.

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