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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

1. Do you buy pet food?

2. Do you recommend pet food?

3. Do you get paid for recommending pet food? Would you like to?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, check this out:

I fell into LA Premium Dog Food after spending hundreds with a sick dog. The story is long but Nando is flourishing and now I can't get enough of Life’s Abundance. I feel good about being a part of their committment to improve the health and wellness of families and their pets.

Why LA? LA ensures the highest quality of consumable products with a controlled direct-to-customer distribution process.

These premium products are not offered in large stores or online retailers to ensure the highest quality. Traditional distribution methods lack product control which can compromise quality. Items sit in warehouses for months/years exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture and pests before hitting retail shelves or your door.

I now have a piece of mind knowing my dog's food has never had a recall and I am not paying high prices for low grade ingredients.

I am content knowing that the ingredients in my dog's food are going to meet my pet's nutritional needs with fresh and safely manufactured ingredients.

Is there a catch? There is no catch. There are no mandatory personal purchase requirements nor a need to carry inventory.

What do I have to do? The only thing you need to do is try some of the high quality products and experience the superior customer service for yourself. If you are like me and agree that these products are A-MAZING and the company is legitimate then sign on as a Field Rep.

As a Field Representative you have the opportunity to purchase optional packages of products, catalogs and samples at a discounted price. I signed on as the Dog Executive Rep and my family enjoyed the samples. We were able to try all the products and find what worked for us. I regularly buy additional samples to give away and use in training.

What is the Cost? While it cost me 29.95 to become a Field Rep, in less than 6 months time the compensation covers the fees and feeds all of my dog's each month.

Check out the products below to learn more:

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