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The Ingredients Most Pet Parents Are Missing

Wisely, more and more pet parents seek out better foods for their dogs and cats. The quality & overall formulation include probiotics & fiber and the combination has a huge impact on your pet’s well being. Can you be sure you’re choosing the most complete product for your pet? Have you ever read the Guaranteed Analysis section of your pet’s food?

Here’s how to be a savvy when it comes to researching your kibble & a bit about Probiotics & Fiber:

PROBIOTICS - Most probiotics are sourced from cows because they are intended for use in cows, pigs and chickens. The most beneficial probiotic strains to support the canine or feline GI tract should originate from healthy dogs and cats.

One strain doesn’t do enough in the gut to provide the full benefit. With both the upper and lower GI to consider, plus all the different functions of various probiotics, from nutrient absorption to moderating stress response, there is no silver bullet probiotic organism that can do all the jobs.

Look For The Guarantee! When an ingredient is as vital to health as probiotics

seeing probiotics listed on a label can provide a false sense of security because many times they are not guaranteed. Without that guarantee shown in the Guaranteed Analysis, there’s no way of knowing if the probiotics will be viable when your dog or cat consumes them.

It’s not easy to get live probiotics onto dog food and cat food. To ensure survival, they must be dusted on after cooking. This equipment is incredibly specialized and not all manufacturers have it. In the vast majority of cases, probiotics blended in before cooking will not survive. Yet, they can still appear on the label, which looks appealing to consumers.

FIBER - Probiotics require a partner to fuel their benefits. Even beyond stool quality, prebiotic fiber plays an important role:

When proper dietary fiber fermentation is achieved, the fibers provide nourishment for the probiotics. When it comes to fiber blends in pet foods, the consequences can include gas, digestive upset, poorer nutrient absorption, and loose or inconsistent stools.

World-leading experts have worked on fiber-blend quality because dietary fiber is so critical to gut health and the role in overall nutrition. With a steadfast formulation philosophy, consistently premium quality products and a focus on overall health through the gut, I just continue to recommend Life’s Abundance dog foods and cat foods make it easy for conscientious pet parents to feed love and nurture their pets.

Take a look at your dog’s food Guaranteed Analysis or contact me to learn more about how to determine if your dog’s food is the best fit for your companion.

To learn more about health, wellness and training visit us at bnadog.com.

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