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2024 Canine Companions and the Human Plight

Each year I set a goal and each year my goal is achieved. Am I an egomaniac? No, I set my goal at a level that is lofty but achievable. This year I am going out on a limb and swearing to complete a curriculum that incorporates behavior modification principles that transcend from our canine companions onto our human plight for living a vibrant life full of vitality and contentment.

There is so much to be learned by watching and living with our companion animals as well as all of the amazing modalities presented by cultures from around the world.

I invite you to open a new chapter and think outside of the box and out of your day to day routines.

I am going to be presenting new concepts that I have learned from other cultures, coasts and countries. I will be sharing the shit you should be googling and sharing the things you should be trying because they work instead of because they are showing up in your algorithms based off your search history.

There is still so much to be had, experienced and enjoyed and I want to get it out to my east coast community and beyond. So here is to the dog lovers, behavior nerds, science geeks and those willing to think outside the box for the thrill of living, experiencing and thinking beyond what they have always thought.

With all my excitement, I hope you taken the time to reflect on what the year has to bring as well as take a break, breathe & learn from what ever 2023 fed you. Sending loves, hopes and dreams for vitality, health and well mannered puppers for 2024!

Look out Ya'All... and come join me. Happy New Year!

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