PROTOCOLS for COVID 19  We have implemented  precautionary procedures to clean, disinfect and sanitize our tools & equipment.  We are helping one another through this challenge by being conscientious and cancelling sessions if someone is feeling ill. We take great precautions for individuals at risk due to a compromised immune system, age, or other risk factors. We abide by all CDC guidelines and guidance and adhere to the 6 foot social distancing rule. 

Get a better behaved dog!

Elite services helping professionals and their families transition from chaos to homeostasis.   

Comprehensive behavior modification plans created to target goals using reinforcement based training with principles rooted in the science of learning.  Services for all ages, stages & breeds.

 5 star rated training with over 11 years in business.. 100’s of dogs of all ages, stages, breeds and issues.

We meet your goals in the fewest number of sessions without overpriced bundles or the bait and switch ”FREE” consultations.

Behavior Assessment

& Consultative Services

When you want to address a single behavior problem or are experiencing multiple issues.

From raising a puppy, adopting a rescue dog or working to get your pup to walk on a loose leash. 


We assess your needs and create training protocols to meet your goals.


We also assist with aggression, resource guarding, anxiety, fear and other issues. 

Private Lessons


Dog training lessons  in your home

at your convenience

working one-on-one with a trainer. 


We coach you through the steps and you practice with your dog in-between lessons. 


This is a great option for quick results.

Working in your home, yard, local community or park. 

In person & on-line services.


Day Training


Fast & Effective Way 2 Well-Behaved!  

1.  Puppy BOOT Camp - The first 2 years  of normal puppy behaviors can be trying. 

We pick up your pup for play and train sessions.  While you are away or on vacation.  ONLY 4 dogs at anytime. 


2.  MidDay's - skip or add to the pet sitter with an in home training session.   We visit your home to work on issues and needed skills to get a well mannered pup.  


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