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The Best Dog Tracker on the Market

This isn’t a shock or vibrate collar, this is for tracking a dog or cats location as well as the latest and greatest in wellness tracking.

If you have a rescue or have ever lost a dog, you know runaways happen!

I have not ever lost a dog personally but have had plenty of dealings with clients, neighbors and rescue organizations whose dog’s have gotten lost with both happy and not so happy endings. There are so many reasons why a dog may get spooked and take off. While the gold standard is to train and proof behaviors until you have a reliable dog, many dog's can get spooked and flee regardless of training. That is why for some households certain dogs just benefit from wearing a remote tracker.

Yep, a GPS system for your dog! It is great for a rescue dog, or while teaching off leash or walks in the dark.

There are a lot of collars on the market with varying price points and EMF safety is not always clearly noted. So, with that said, the one and only puppy GPS I recommend is Fi Tracker. It is waterproof, dirtproof, really easy to download the app, it is small enough for small breeds and just as amazing for the big boys!

BONUS- they are the only fit/sleep tracker on the market for dogs as well…

Other recommendations Techies REVIEWS The App is extremely friendly. Trail Runners REVIEW Shown effective while out on the trails. What Chewy subscribers are saying

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