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Preparing for training



6 ft. leash and a flat collar

High quality semi-moist treats; freeze-dried liver or LA training treats .  You may want a treat pouch to free your hands.



Lessons take place initially inside of your home to provide a "distraction-free" environment, and then proceed outside on your property, in your neighborhood, as well as parks and streets to proof and test your dog's training.  Each lesson finishes with instruction and guidance for you to be able to practice the techniques yourself.



The number of session to attain optimal results is contingent on the owner as well as the pet.  The optimal results are determined by you the pet owner.  (For some behavior corrections, the initial training session is sufficient.)


Each dog and owner are unique as are most peoples' lifestyles and the time people can spend training their dogs varies, so it is difficult to say exactly how long a behavior may take to resolve or to train. It is also impossible for me to assess how much training your dog may need, until I've done an evaluation through the initial consultation.


Every lesson is built upon the foundation of previous lessons, and consistency and daily practice are crucial to any dog training program's success. Please note:  it is your responsibility to work and practice with the dog between training lessons. This is imperative to ensure the success of your and your dog's training program.  I guarantee I can and will efficiently coach you on the proper training techniques and management of your dog(s), yet practicing and training your dog to fluency between lessons and after lessons end are needed to maintain your pups new skills.


All leashes, collars and training apparatus must be supplied by owner.

There is NO contract required.

All programs are non-refundable & fees must be paid in full at your first lesson.

 I suggest all packages must be completed within eight (8) weeks. This policy ensures the highest rate of success for you and your dog and ensures commitment and consistency.



While I understand that on occasion unforeseen events may occur, if you intend to cancel a lesson, please call me at minimum 48 hours prior to your lesson.  If notice is received in less than 24hours you will be charged for the session.    


Remember:  Dogs are similar to children in that they thrive on constant supervision early on, consistency, structure & routine.


There is no smoking during lessons or in the presence of the trainer.

BNA  has no prior civil, insurance, professional or personal claims in regard to any animal training or animal related disputes. To date, an entirely clean occupational, criminal, and insurance/liability record is sustained, as well as occupational insurance.         

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