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How we work with you

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Private Lessons & Day Training

Get a better-behaved dog quickly with Private Lessons & Day Training:     We help dog own­ers get the best pos­si­ble man­ners from their dogs. All dogs can learn nice man­ners, and yours is no excep­tion. We use pos­i­tive rein­force­ment train­ing to change unruly behav­ior quickly. 



A few of the prob­lems we solve for dog own­ers every day are:


At Home

Jump­ing on visitors

Rush­ing the door

Basic obe­di­ence like sit, stay, etc.

Life With Puppy

House-training acci­dents

Puppy bit­ing and mouthing

Crate train­ing, alone-time training

Social­iza­tion to peo­ple and dogs

Out & About

Pulling on leash

Not com­ing when called

Bark­ing at other dogs or people

Not lis­ten­ing to direction

Behav­ior Problems

Aggres­sion issues: anx­i­ety, shyness

Pro­tec­tive­ness of toys, food, thunder

pho­bias, sound sensitivity, livestock.

 Adjusting to changes in family or life situations



Pri­vate Lessons

What it is:  Dog train­ing lessons work­ing one-on-one with a trainer. We coach you through the steps and you prac­tice with your dog in-between lessons.

How it works:  We work with you at your home with the fewest number of session to quickly meet your  train­ing goals.


Day Train­ing

What it is:  A fast, effec­tive way to get a well-behaved dog. We do the train­ing for you, then show you how to keep your dog’s improved man­ners from slipping back with a trans­fer ses­sion to show you how to main­tain and continue improving on the behav­iors learned.


Behavior Modification

If you come to BNA and your dog is assessed to have extraneous levels of aggression, resource guarding, anxiety, fear or neurotic tendencies the above plans are created while working with your veterinarian to create a treatment plan.


~24 HOUR ON CALL SERVICE INCLUDED IN ALL PROGRAMS~ I may be reached by phone to counsel you through any issue that arises relating to your dog’s behavior.  

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