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Navigate puppy parenting through the first year.

  • 30 minutes
  • Assesment needed
  • Call for a phone consult to book this service

Service Description

THE GOOD PUP PROGRAM Training packages are a complete all-in-one training option to gain the needed resources, patience & skills for the issues related to owning an exuberant puppy. We begin conditioning good habits before the bad habits set in or help mitigate the issues presenting themselves. No matter what normal developmental nuisance behavior you are experiencing we guide you through the solutions with personally tailored programs based on your unique family demands using the AKC Star Puppy curriculum. In the beginning we - Conduct an initial home assessment to set up the environment, create a schedule for puppy care to teach potty, eating, play, sleep and husbandry principals. Recommend only the top-rated resources for veterinarians, groomers, feed & supplies. Create routines based on your puppy’s developmental stage. Temperament test your puppy to determine his/her persoWe are with you for the first year. It takes a lot of work to raise a puppy! Your sleep schedule has been altered, you find urine spots all over the house and when she’s not chewing on your shoe she’s chewing on YOU! Unfortunately, puppy behavior tends to get worse before it gets better, but we help! Dogs, like children, enjoy a better life with a good education. Start your puppy’s training to make it easier for you at home. The courses include weekly private dog training lessons with you and your dog and outings to practice in a real-life environment. During the training, I practice the AKC Puppy STAR, Canine Good Citizen, APDT CLASS. This program is designed to navigate the lunging, jumping, mouthing, barking, digging, pulling and accidents. Learn what behaviors are normal, how to curb them or avoid ever creating them. Each package is designed with your lifestyle and ability to navigate through the demands of each stage of puppy development specific to your dog's age and breed(s). What you receive: 1 90 minute zoom consultation; 1 60 minute home consultation; 6 45 minute zoom sessions; with bi-monthly check ins where we offer training tipsand exercises relevent specifically to your dog's breed, age and current developmental stage. 1 loose leash walking session; 1 out and about real life skills session; 1 purposeful play session. It is your 1st Birthday Gift and final review of sit, down, stay, come, leave it & loose leash walking with a Members only "Best Behaved Dog Certificate" of completion! (16)

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel within 48 hours of your session so that we may have enough time to fill your timeslot. We appreciate you!

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Before N After Dog Training, Waterhouse Lane, Chester, CT, USA

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