Improve your dogs overall well being & support their health to reduce risk of disease. 

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience about dogs, to empower dog owners and to fill the gaps that give you the power to provide a long-term happy home for your dog.

Science is coming to the rescue, and provides proof that dogs on fresh foods are healthier and they have a lower risk of disease such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes.  It makes sense for us, why wouldn't it for any other animal.  

My approach to dog and dog owner training is very holistic. I don’t just look at the dog’s behavior in isolation but include the environment, lifestyle, and breed in the solution.

How to improve the quality of food you feed your dog
Creating a diet that supports your dogs health conditions 
How much to feed your dog
How to select the foods to support your dog's health.
How to select  supplements & produced balanced meals 
Diet for dogs with allergies
Diet for dogs with inflammation

Nutritional Coaching 
Good nutrition is not a fad—it is the cornerstone to preventaive care to preserve and lengthen your pets health so you require veterinary services less often.  

Our nutritional philosophy revolves around nourishing pets according to their evolutionary and biological need for a diet that is rich
 and diverse in its ingredients.

Flatulance, runny stool, ear infections, eye discharge, irritated skin, itching, weight and behavior issues should be targeted by first looking at diet.

We review nutrition basics & making health happen for your companions by providing you the keys to knowing the right diet, products and methods

Get to the root cause of your dog's issues to get a healthy dog.

Simplicity with Quality. Variety. Safety. & Value.