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2022 Dog Air Travel Regulations

How the new flight regulations effect travel with your dog

Details on Service, ESA & Companion Dog Flight Standards

Recent changes in federal regulations have changed the way that we can fly with our companion animals. Loving owners had been able to fly with their pups in the airplane cabin as an ESA (emotional support animal) with minimal training. Due to the escalation of incidents of aggression, destruction, and nuisance behaviors the airlines had no choice but to create new rules.

Currently, flying with your companion animal in the cabin by your side on a flight is now reserved for individuals that require a fully trained service dog.

If you are told that your dog must ride in cargo we recommend taking these 8 steps to get prepared:

1. Have your pet microchipped before traveling.

2. Read the air transport carrier requirements (below) as well as the airline requirements before purchasing a high-quality carrier that is the appropriate size and will not open or break.

3. Get your pet acclimated to being inside the carrier to ensure your dog has a positive association with being in the crate.

4. Every airline has its own rules about pet travel, so check with your airline before you book tickets.

5. If you are traveling out of state or to a foreign country be sure to visit the USDA Regulations for Bringing a Pet to Another State or to a Foreign Country

6. If you have a short-faced breed check out the AVMA Guidelines on travel with short-faced breeds

7. Get a terminal map so you know where the in-terminal Pet Relief Stations are located.

8. Check for pet-friendly lodging and activities available in the area you are traveling to on BRING FIDO.

Is your dog eligible to be trained as a service dog? We do assessments to determine if your dog qualifies to become a certified service dog who can pass a public access (Canine Good Citizen) test as well as train the necessary tasks associated with an individual’s disability. Learn detailed information about meeting the qualifications to become a Service Dog and how BNADOG can assist you in that process as well as assist individuals to prepare their pups for their flying in cargo.

Want to train your dog to travel in cargo? Your pet will be in cargo with transport vehicles moving across tarmacs. Often these vehicles are open to the air and raw environmental temperature for unspecified periods of time. The transport process can be very traumatizing to some dogs and also may present health hazards. To be well informed in making a decision to take your pet and how to prepare for a flight schedule a free 30 minute phone inquiry at 860-304-1447. BOOK ONLINE

Additonal transport informatin and requirements: Every airline has strict pet carrier requirements established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Your pet will not be able to fly unless you have purchased an approved kennel.

Your pet must be in the right size kennel. The airlines can deny travel if your pup appears to be hunched. Your pup must be able to stand or sit fully erect and also easily turn around and lie down in a natural position. Short-nosed breeds must be allowed additional space for the appropriate amount of breathing room.

There are 4 measurements:

A = Length of animal from nose to root (bony tip) of tail

B = Height from ground to elbow joint

C = Width across shoulders

D = Height of animal in a natural standing position from the top of the head or the ear tip, whichever is higher (neither can touch the top of the crate).

USA kennel dimensions formula:

Length = A + ½B

Width = C x 2

Height = D

Short nose & outside USA formula:

Length = A + B

Width = C + 1" x 2

Height = D + 3"

IATA standards may not be enough so be sure to contact your carrier before purchasing your pet’s kennel. Buy your pet's carrier as soon as you can to enable an acclimation period for your dog. The more comfortable you make it, the less stressed they will be during their travels.

VISIT BNADOG.COM Services to set up a free 30 minute phone inquiry to see if your dog may qualify for the Service Dog Standards or assistance in training your pup to have a safe and easy flight to your destination.

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