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Dogs can’t resist the rich aroma of our delicious pig snouts. Porky Puffs chewable treats are non-greasy and contain no artificial preservatives or flavors. And with no artificial colors, you won’t have to worry about hard-to-remove stains in your carpet!

Porky Puffs are a safe alternative to rawhide, which can cause choking, throat irritations and potentially dangerous intestinal blockages.

Appropriate for dogs of all ages, we guarantee they'll come for the flavor and stay for the pure contentment of chewing.

Give your sweet pup something to be truly thankful for – yummy Porky Puffs!

Made in the USA.

Treats - Porky Puffs - Made in USA

  • https://lifesabundance.com/Pets/Treats/DogTreats.aspx?realname=20726806

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