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Why In Home Training?


2019 INTERVEIW Victoria Stillwell with Belinda N. Ahern: 

VS:  Do you think that some people are intimidated by someone coming into their home. 

BNA:  Yes, I find that some people seem to feel shame or guilt because they let their dog's on the couch or sleep in their beds!  How you live with your companion and spend time bonding is up to you.  Without judgement we offer solutions.

VS:  WHY do you find that an  In Home Consultation is so effective?

BNA:  We are best able to help pup owners in their home where the issues occur.  A dog is familiar with it's home environment and can learn best in an environment that has minimal distractions.  You wouldn't take a child to the playground to learn mathematics, rather you create a learning environment.  Group classes can be great for basics and working amongst distractions but when addressing your personal issues beginning in your home environment is simpler for both you and your pets.  

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